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5 Reasons To Lose The Shoes And Go Barefoot Now!

News / July 17, 2018

It is a common misconception that shoes with thick support will protect our feet and joints from pain and injury. However, wearing shoes with cushioning is comparable to putting our feet into a cast and can cause more damage than good. After countless hours, days, and years of attempting to walk without allowing your feet their full range of motion and flexibility, the muscles begin to atrophy and the ligaments become weak. Ever heard of “use it or lose it”? It applies here…

Here are 5 reasons to walk barefoot or wear shoes with minimal cushioning and support:

1. Improved Posture & Balance

Without the artificial support, extra cushioning, and heel lift of typical sneakers, the feet are in a more neutral position. This allows the joints of the body to re-align naturally, helping to improve posture and stability.

2. Strengthens Feet

The feet are able to move freely instead of being forced into a stationary position. This constant movement actually allows the muscles and ligaments to strengthen, providing a more natural shock-absorbing system for our joints. Therefore, our joints get less of a pounding sensation during movements such as walking and jumping.

3. Increased Neurofeedback

Without stiff shoes cutting us off from the earth, the nerve endings of our feet are once-again able to sense the differing surfaces and materials we walk on. This has a positive impact on the alertness of our brain and body. Increased neurofeedback combined with stronger feet makes us more aware and responsive to our environment which can help prevent injuries (ex. Rolling an ankle).

4. Reflexology Benefits

Walking barefoot stimulate the pressure points of the feet associated with various health benefits, including decreased tension and stress, decreased blood pressure, improved sleep quality, and headache prevention and relief.

5. Improved Circulation

With greater flexibility of the feet comes greater blood flow! This can prevent varicose veins, improve foot and leg health and keep our toes warm in colder weather.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at angela@leguanoshoes.com and I’d be happy to chat.


Angela Lancaster
Co-Owner, Leguano Inc.

What Are Leguanos?

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