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Leguano Inc.
  Leguano - Natural and Barefoot
Leguano - Natural and Barefoot


“Owner was very knowledgeable on barefoot shoes and the benefits. Tried on a pair with the intention of thinking about it, but got them on the spot. Have not worn any other pair since. Most shoes would be showing some wear but these seem to be very high quality. Could not be happier and will never buy another pair of cheap shoes again. Seem like great cottage / water shoes as well. Do your feet a favor and try them out!”

No more orthotics - no more pain!

I was introduced to leguano shoes last fall. My sister had a pair and I tried them on. She raved about how comfortable they were and how good they were for your feet. I explained to her that I would not be able to wear them because I needed shoes with orthotics which I had been wearing for years. If I didn’t wear my orthotics I had knee and hip pain almost constantly.

However, the shoes intrigued me, so i did some research and liked what I was reading. It made sense that we should be walking like we were in bare feet and that the muscles in our feet would gradually develop again. I bit the bullet last November and got a pair of lace up leguanos. What a revelation! No more hip pain, no more knee pain and best of all no more heavy orthotic shoes. By the middle of December I made my second purchase of a pair of leguano winter boots. Leguanos are all that I have been wearing since last November and my feet are amazing. No hip pain, no knee pain and no foot pain. I visited the store today to purchase my third pair of Leguanos! They are amazing!


Walking is fun again – in a whole new way

Dear Mr. Pfeffer,
Since the trade fair two months ago, I’ve been using the leguanos nearly all the time. Walking feels very different now. Walking barefoot, so to speak, through crisp snow and feeling the ground beneath your feet is a lovely experience. Leaving the house and going barefoot even on wet ground took a bit of getting used to at first, but now walking is fun again, in a whole new way. You feel and sense so much more. I hardly use my walking shoes any more, and instead of walking on tar I walk alongside the path in the fields. I have already bought a second pair so that I have a spare pair in my bag when it rains and won’t need to fall back on solid shoes. It’s amusing to talk to many people who remark on my ‘socks’; some admire them and others dismiss them. Unfortunately, most say they wouldn’t be prepared to buy some for themselves. The argument tends to be that they’re too expensive – but given that they are so durable, leguanos actually replace several other pairs of shoes. I wear them for walking, hiking (I haven’t tested them in the mountains yet, but I will do in summer), for work and in my free time. There’s no more cleaning shoes, I just give them a brush and a rinse out. Thank you very much for this new experience of walking.


Children instinctively know what’s good for them

Hello Dirk,
I’ve been the proud owner of a pair of leguanos for around three years, but I didn’t actually wear them much until recently. I was due for a foot operation, and the pain of walking was so bad I would rather have crawled around on all fours. I’d been diagnosed with ‘hallux valgus and claw toes’, on both feet. Then it was time for the operation – left foot first, then the right, ending up with orthopaedic insoles in all of my shoes. After a period of convalescence, I realised I had to be satisfied with the outcome; after all, I could walk again, more or less. I’d forgotten about the leguanos, and even if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to wear them; I had plenty of shoes and insoles, after all. Then on 17th February this year, I had to go back in hospital at a moment’s notice with a slipped disc. Since I didn’t have any suitable footwear, slippers or whatever, I just put the leguanos in my bag. So far, so good. After being hospitalised and undergoing various tests, it was suggested to me that I shouldn’t walk flat-footed or barefoot (as with leguanos!), but that I should wear something with a low heel. THEY SAID THIS WOULD BE BETTER FOR MY BACK. Thank God, I only had the leguanos with me. At first I wasn’t very confident, but the longer I walked around barefoot, I found the more my condition improved. Now I hardly wear anything but leguanos. The muscles of my feet are getting stronger and all the discomfort I had, even after the operations, has gone. I don’t need insoles any more either. But I’m saving the best for last – my seven-year-old granddaughter has also started wearing leguanos, and she doesn’t want to wear shoes at all any more. Children instinctively know what’s good for them.
Until next time, yours truly


My experience of premium leguanos

Dear Mr. Pfeffer,
As promised in Kassel back in May, here is my report on premium leguanos. I bought my first pair in black when I registered for the Kassel Inline half marathon on the Saturday, and of course I put them on straight away. Even that first short walk to the car on concrete, tarmac and gravel surfaces was a pleasure. Driving home, I noticed that wearing a much softer and thinner sole meant I had to apply different pressure to the brakes. It was a bit like driving in flip-flops if you’ve ever tried that, but this time the snug fit of leguanos made braking more secure. Your feet are free, not wedged in by tight laces. Since then I’ve completed journeys of well over 600 kilometres in leguanos with no problems at all – so I’d recommend them to drivers! Last Saturday I had my leguanos on until late in the evening, standing at a bar table. I became aware of many little muscles in my feet that I never use, but none of the pain I usually experience when standing for a long time. So leguanos are also highly recommended for anyone who has to stand for long periods! On Sunday I took part in the speed skating half marathon, wearing hard skates – and oh the pain afterwards! What a pleasure it was to put my leguanos on, relax and float along once again.
Yours nearly always barefoot,

S. S. from Bad Hersfeld, the festival town

Struggling with a slipped disc for 4 months…

Dear Ms. Linnow,
Here’s the email as promised: For four months in 2011, I struggled with a slipped disc. As a very active person, I tried to resolve the problem by going walking for hours. Normal hiking boots and trainers proved far too difficult, however, so I pulled on a pair of leguanos and went walking for miles. This did me a lot of good, helping to relax my back and restore my balance. Since then I have attended a lot of trade fairs, where I spend hours on my feet on the hard floors of exhibition halls. I only wear leguanos on these occasions – my feet don’t get tired as quickly, and they help my back stay supple. For the past few weeks, I’ve also been doing around 60% of my interval training in leguanos when I go running. Quite simply I’m delighted – and even my physiotherapist is convinced that leguanos are very good for my muscles.
Best wishes,

Anne F.

Spinal disc operation and leguanos

Dear leguano team,
After having an operation on my spinal discs, I had to learn to walk all over again! It was almost a year ago when with very little warning, and having always been good on my feet, I was told I needed a spinal disc operation at the age of 64. My right leg, from the thigh to my toes, was numb. There was no feeling at all, except an excruciating pain in my back. When I started walking in rehab afterwards, I had a pronounced limp and I was unable to move forward without crutches, and then a walking stick. It was around this time that I found out about leguanos: they were a gift to me, in every sense of the word. The result was almost unbelievable – within a few days I had regained a sense of the earth beneath my feet and my toes could feel the ground again. I wanted to keep that feeling, so I wore the leguanos every day. The limp improved, my balance came back and I left the walking stick in the corner. After six months of leguanos, I could walk upright without assistance and feel the ground through my toes. I’m eternally grateful for discovering leguanos. Now I wear them all the time – they have played a big part in helping me restore feeling to my leg and foot muscles, and to use those muscles properly.
Greetings from Trier,

George V. K.

What Are Leguanos?

canadian barefoot shoes
Our feet are our foundation. We rely on them to carry us throughout each day. Therefore, it is essential that we keep them as healthy and happy as possible!! Going barefoot allows your feet to move freely and gives your foot muscles much needed exercise for a strong and sturdy base of support. By wearing leguanos you get the ultimate protection of shoes with the flexible, breathable, and lightweight comfort of being barefoot! Free your feet with German-made leguano barefoot shoes. Learn More

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Leguano specializes in manufacturing the highest quality barefoot shoes money can buy. We make barefoot shoes for men and women of all ages including children. Gain from the positive benefits of walking barefoot all the time. Leguanos are great to wear outdoors and indoors, they provide great comfort, are light and flexible yet provide excellent protection. Barefoot shoes are also known as zero drop shoes or minimalist shoesZero drop running shoes or minimalist running shoes refers to the natural flatness of the design. Whether you are looking for barefoot training shoes, running shoes, trail running shoes or even barefoot boots be sure that Leguano has the best zero drop shoes for women and zero drop shoes for men that money can buy. Disclaimer: Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Statements regarding medical benefits of wearing Leguano shoes are the opinion of Leguano Inc. and are based on individual experiences and results, your results may vary. The opinions expressed are solely for educational and informational purposes and are in no way intended to be medical advice. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical treatment. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concerns.
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