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Weightlifting In Barefoot Shoes

News / August 28, 2020

No matter what workout you are doing, you want to get the maximum benefits. What shoes you wear can have an effect on your training. Supportive cushioned running shoes can cause our feet to weaken from lack of muscle activation. They can also put our bodies in an unnatural position which can lead to injuries. […]

What Are The Benefits Of Running In Barefoot Shoes?

News / August 15, 2020

With so many different running shoes on the market today, it is difficult to choose the right ones. But did you know that some of those shoes may be causing you injuries? Most running shoes are built with extra cushioning, arch support and a thick inflexible sole. These types of shoes promote a heel-strike which […]

Golfing in Leguano Barefoot Shoes

News / July 23, 2020

It is estimated that you take over 10, 000 steps when you walk an 18-hole golf course (between 3 and 6 miles depending on the course and how good or bad your game is!) You want your shoes to give you stability and traction during your swing. But do you really need to wear those […]

The Best Barefoot Shoes You’ll Want This Summer

News / July 13, 2020

Ahh! Summer is the time we love to kick off our shoes and feel the ground beneath our feet. We all look forward to soft grass, warm sand and jumping in puddles after a long winter. And although this is all fun to do in bare feet, there are times that you should and need […]

Yoga In Leguano Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot Yoga Shoes
News / June 22, 2020

Most yogis practice in bare feet. This allows an awareness and connection to the ground. However, there are some people that could benefit from wearing shoes during their practice. Buy I am not talking any old athletic shoe. Those would be too clunky and cumbersome for yoga. I am talking about Leguano barefoot shoes. These […]

Give The Gift Of Health and Comfort This Father’s Day

News / June 8, 2020

Dads are all different. They all have their own unique traits and hobbies. Leguano Barefoot Shoes make a great gift that any dad would love. You will not only be giving the gift of style and comfort but also that of health and wellness. Let’s have a look at some shoes that would best suit […]

Toronto North Affiliate Location for Leguano Shoes

News / May 22, 2020

Covid-19 is causing many businesses to either shut down or change their approach. With the St. Jacob’s Market closing until further notice, Leguano Barefoot Shoes will now open an affiliate location in Toronto North. Leguano Toronto North will be opening in Richmond Hill, with all fittings being by appointment only. Of course, we will take […]

June 1st Is National Barefoot Day

News / May 20, 2020

June 1st is National Barefoot Day. Everyone should kick off their shoes and enjoy the benefits of being barefoot. This year might be a little different because of social distancing but everyone can still find a way to celebrate this day. Walk in your yard and feel the grass between your toes. Pamper your feet […]

How Barefoot Shoes Can Help With Common Foot Problems

News / May 9, 2020

Our feet carry us everywhere. Foot discomfort and pain is a serious issue for many. We need to treat our feet with the respect they deserve. Barefoot shoes can help relieve and prevent common foot problems. I will discuss a few of these issues here and how Leguano barefoot shoes could potentially help. 1. Athlete’s […]

Why You Should Be Hiking In Barefoot Shoes

News / April 24, 2020

The weather is perfect to get outdoors to enjoy some exercise and fresh air. What better way than hitting some trails and exploring. What better way than throwing on your favourite shoes and being at one with nature. Typically, you’d throw on a pair of hiking boots with a thick rugged sole that weigh a […]

How To Transition To Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot Shoes at the Beach
News / April 14, 2020

Choosing the proper shoe can be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from and how do you know what is right for you? Running shoe technology has changed over the years, mostly to provide more cushioning and protection to our feet. The problem with traditional running shoes is that it puts the […]

“What Can I Wear Them For?”

News / February 21, 2020

“What can I wear them for?” This is one of the most common questions we get asked. I guess the term “barefoot” throws people off sometimes (I used to be one of those, so I totally get it!!). While it would be much easier for me to tell you when NOT to wear them, here […]

Boating In Leguanos: More Than Just A Water Shoe

News / January 19, 2020

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being completely surrounded by water, breathing in fresh air, and trying to stay balanced as wave after wave strikes from every angle. If you’re a passionate boater (or simply love being on the water), you know exactly what I’m talking about!! Whether you’re pedaling, rowing, maneuvering a Sea-Doo, […]

Kosmos; The perfect shoe for hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peru

News / November 1, 2019

After hiking Machu Picchu in the days prior, I woke up at 3:30am, slipped on the same pair of leguano boots (the Kosmos), and got ready to embark on our group’s last Peruvian adventure, Rainbow Mountain. We took a dark, freezing cold, 3-hour bus ride through little villages and up mountains with sharp edges. Just […]

5 Reasons To Lose The Shoes And Go Barefoot Now!

News / July 17, 2018

It is a common misconception that shoes with thick support will protect our feet and joints from pain and injury. However, wearing shoes with cushioning is comparable to putting our feet into a cast and can cause more damage than good. After countless hours, days, and years of attempting to walk without allowing your feet […]

Why Leguano Barefoot Shoes Will Change Your Life

Uncategorised / December 14, 2017

Wearing Leguanos regularly no matter what you’re doing will also help relieve pain and improve your overall health. Believe me, I know because they’ve done wonders for me. I was in Germany with my family a few years ago when I discovered Leguano Barefoot Shoes and they changed my life. So much so that now […]

The Leguano Philosophy

News / July 2, 2015

We are not wearing shoes when nature brings us into the world. Moreover, in countries such as India where many people still go barefoot, western complaints such as back, hip and knee problems are virtually unheard of. Walking in shoes is part of western culture, but also the root cause of many associated conditions. Our […]

Our Leguano Journey

News / May 2, 2015

My wife Deb and I had the pleasure of visiting Germany this past February. When visiting Rothenburg I was very intrigued about a new store that was opening up. This store called “leguano” had a very interesting shoe, nothing like I had seen before. We walked into the store which was not open for business […]

2015 Spring Cottage Life Show

Events / March 26, 2015

March 27 – 29, 2015 The International Centre – Toronto leguano is excited to be a part of the upcoming Cottage Life Show in Toronto! We will be revealing the NEW TO CANADA leguano barefoot shoes. Be sure to drop by and see us at booth 1281 and take a closer look at the innovation […]

NEW leguano active

News /

legauno active lace up shoes are coming soon! This new line will allow you to have the comfort of a barefoot shoe with function of a traditional sneaker with laces.

What Are Leguanos?

Our feet are our foundation. We rely on them to carry us throughout each day. Therefore, it is essential that we keep them as healthy and happy as possible!! Going barefoot allows your feet to move freely and gives your foot muscles much needed exercise for a strong and sturdy base of support. By wearing leguanos you get the ultimate protection of shoes with the flexible, breathable, and lightweight comfort of being barefoot! Free your feet with German-made leguano barefoot shoes. View More

Connect With Leguano

leguano Barefoot Running Shoes
Leguano specializes in manufacturing the highest quality barefoot shoes money can buy. We make barefoot shoes for men and women of all ages including children. Gain from the positive benefits of walking barefoot all the time. Leguanos are great to wear outdoors and indoors, they provide great comfort, are light and flexible yet provide excellent protection. Barefoot shoes are also known as zero drop shoes or minimalist shoesZero drop running shoes or minimalist running shoes refers to the natural flatness of the design. Whether you are looking for barefoot training shoes, running shoes, trail running shoes or even barefoot boots be sure that Leguano has the best zero drop shoes for women and zero drop shoes for men that money can buy.
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