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Can I Wear Barefoot Shoes Every Day?

News / November 27, 2020

Do you remember as a kid running around barefoot all day every day? Why as we get older do we stop enjoying this natural pleasure? From an early age we start wearing shoes that are constricting and prevent natural foot movement. As we get older, for many of us, our feet gradually weaken and we are forced to wear orthotics, insoles and arch supports to cushion our tender tootsies. Is there any way to get back that foot strength and enjoy being barefoot again?

Years of wearing stiff and rigid shoes is similar to having a cast on a broken foot. Lack of use can cause muscles, tendons and ligaments to weaken. Weakened feet need to be introduced to walking barefoot again slowly and with proper form. If you jump into walking barefoot too quickly you may be susceptible to injuries. When you get your barefoot shoes, we recommend that you start wearing them around the house. You may notice some aches and pains as you strengthen your feet which is normal, it is the same with your muscles when you start lifting weights. Gradually increase the time spent wearing them. For some, it may take time for your whole body to adapt. Your feet and body will be moving in a unique way. The minimalist sole of the shoe puts your body into a whole new and proper alignment.

Take note of how your body and feet feel and make adjustments to how long you are wearing your barefoot shoes. Feeling great? Wear them longer and gradually build up to wearing them every day. It is highly recommended to wear your shoes every day to keep the strength you have built and to enjoy the benefits that going barefoot can bring.

What are the benefits you will enjoy from wearing your barefoot shoes every day?

1. Strength

As mentioned above, wearing barefoot shoes can lead to increased foot strength. Increased foot strength provides a solid foundation for the rest of your body. Foot strength is very important as we age to prevent injury and falls.

2. Balance

Wearing a barefoot shoe can increase our proprioception to the space around us. This allows the brain to develop new neural connections that lead to improved balance and stability.

3. Posture

Wearing a barefoot shoe helps to put the body into natural alignment which can lead to better posture and less stress on all your joints.

4. Reflexology

The thin sole of a barefoot shoe allows the foot to feel everything we step on. Things such as rocks and sticks stimulate pressure points on our feet that can help with improved energy, circulation, and better organ function.
So to answer the question “can I wear barefoot shoes every day” the answer is yes! Free your feet to enjoy natural foot movement and all the benefits that come along with it.

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What Are Leguanos?

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Our feet are our foundation. We rely on them to carry us throughout each day. Therefore, it is essential that we keep them as healthy and happy as possible!! Going barefoot allows your feet to move freely and gives your foot muscles much needed exercise for a strong and sturdy base of support. By wearing leguanos you get the ultimate protection of shoes with the flexible, breathable, and lightweight comfort of being barefoot! Free your feet with German-made leguano barefoot shoes. Learn More

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Leguano specializes in manufacturing the highest quality barefoot shoes money can buy. We make barefoot shoes for men and women of all ages including children. Gain from the positive benefits of walking barefoot all the time. Leguanos are great to wear outdoors and indoors, they provide great comfort, are light and flexible yet provide excellent protection. Barefoot shoes are also known as zero drop shoes or minimalist shoesZero drop running shoes or minimalist running shoes refers to the natural flatness of the design. Whether you are looking for barefoot training shoes, running shoes, trail running shoes or even barefoot boots be sure that Leguano has the best zero drop shoes for women and zero drop shoes for men that money can buy. Disclaimer: Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Statements regarding medical benefits of wearing Leguano shoes are the opinion of Leguano Inc. and are based on individual experiences and results, your results may vary. The opinions expressed are solely for educational and informational purposes and are in no way intended to be medical advice. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical treatment. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concerns.
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