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  Leguano - Natural and Barefoot
Leguano - Natural and Barefoot

Minimalist Running Shoes: Men’s

What Are Minimalist Running Shoes?

Wikipedia defines it in the following way: Minimalist shoes are shoes intended to closely approximate barefoot running or walking conditions in comparison to traditional shoes. They have reduced cushioning, thin soles, and are of lighter weight than other running shoes, allowing for more sensory contact for the foot on the ground while simultaneously providing the feet with some protection from ground hazards and conditions (such as pebbles and dirt). Research shows that wearing a minimalist shoe can help improve foot strength and arch function.

Leguano barefoot shoes has many different styles of men’s minimalist running shoes. The sporty “Actives” feature a slightly thicker sole with a traditional lace up design. These shoes are great for running and hiking longer distances. The thicker sole doesn’t prevent you from the feeling of being barefoot. Enjoy sensing the earth beneath your feet but with a bit more protection for all of your outdoor activities. Available in white, orange, yellow and black.

If you prefer a slip -on shoe, both the premium and the sneaker will work for you. Because of the woven kunert-twisted elasticized fabric they are easy to pull on and give a nice snug feel. So comfy, they are great for running and all sorts of other activities such as yoga, fitness training, camping and more!

Looking to go barefoot in the winter? Throw on a pair of Kozmo, Husky or Chester style boots and head out in the cold. The LIFOLIT ® sole provides a superb grip even in slippery conditions. They are warmly lined and water repellent, so feet stay warm and dry. These comfy boots activate your foot muscles increasing blood circulation which helps keep your feet toasty warm.

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What Are Leguanos?

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Our feet are our foundation. We rely on them to carry us throughout each day. Therefore, it is essential that we keep them as healthy and happy as possible!! Going barefoot allows your feet to move freely and gives your foot muscles much needed exercise for a strong and sturdy base of support. By wearing leguanos you get the ultimate protection of shoes with the flexible, breathable, and lightweight comfort of being barefoot! Free your feet with German-made leguano barefoot shoes. Learn More

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Leguano specializes in manufacturing the highest quality barefoot shoes money can buy. We make barefoot shoes for men and women of all ages including children. Gain from the positive benefits of walking barefoot all the time. Leguanos are great to wear outdoors and indoors, they provide great comfort, are light and flexible yet provide excellent protection. Barefoot shoes are also known as zero drop shoes or minimalist shoesZero drop running shoes or minimalist running shoes refers to the natural flatness of the design. Whether you are looking for barefoot training shoes, running shoes, trail running shoes or even barefoot boots be sure that Leguano has the best zero drop shoes for women and zero drop shoes for men that money can buy. Disclaimer: Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Statements regarding medical benefits of wearing Leguano shoes are the opinion of Leguano Inc. and are based on individual experiences and results, your results may vary. The opinions expressed are solely for educational and informational purposes and are in no way intended to be medical advice. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical treatment. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concerns.
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